Board of Directors and Committees

2020 Soul District Board of Directors

  1. John Washington, Acting Executive Director, CEO Flossin Media
  2. Ernest Harris, Vice Chair, President Ernest Harris & Associates
  3. Brad Perkins,  Treasurer, Owner Perkins Realty
  4. Bryson E. Davis,  Parliamentarian,Attorney Sussman Shank LLP
  5. J.P. Perfili,  Owner, Cookie Crumble
  6. Alexander Gebreab, Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager US Bank
  7. Samuel Miller, Owner, The Portland Car Company
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NNEBA Volunteer Staff and Contractors

  1. Fawn Aberson, Outreach & Development Coordinator, Executive Editor Flossin Media
  2. Michele Darr,  Newsletter and Website writer, Owner Green Bike Cab-
  3. Edna Waters,   Marketing and Social Networking Assistant
  4. Steven Christian,  IT & Design, Program Trainer

NNEBA Advisors

  1. Jim Hansen, CFO, Henry V Events
  2. Maxine Fitzpatrick, Owner Fitzpatrick Consulting